Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sony Portable Reader

Brakenstroom is a book of short stories written about events and happenings in the fictitious town of Brakenstroom, South Africa. I started writing the book, when a good friend of mine, Bernard Gamsu, died of a heart attack at a young age. This upset me greatly, and I felt that I had to put our years of friendship on paper. Once that story was finished, I felt that I had to write about my grandfather, and so Dasser was born. Then came Tzippie, a story that truly happened to my uncle, who was Superintendant of the mental institution  where Tzippie grew up. The stories that followed are all stories that truly happened, but in many cases I have combined two even three stories into one, so that characters would be hidden.
Readers so far have enjoyed reading the book, many who know me personally, associating themselves, incorrectly, with a character in a story. One friend emailed me, "I did not know that my mother had had an affair." It wasn't his mother I had written about, even though I may unconsciously have used his mother's beauty to describe the character.
Enjoy the read. Many have. Simply email me at if you want a book. because I self published, it is only available direct from me, or from